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Big Data as Business Assets

Simple solution for complex data warehouse challenges

The growing volume, velocity and variety of data are a challenge that businesses face today. Many have addressed it with complex solutions that demand constant administration from highly trained specialists, driving costs to spiral upwards and out of control as data volumes grow. The need for a simpler solution is clear.

IBM PureData System for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology, is a simple data appliance for serious analytics. It is designed to be simple to learn, simple to use and simple to own. This simplicity frees technical teams to cultivate deeper relationships with their business peers, investigating new ways to create value from data. IBM is partnering with many companies around the world to simplify big data analytics:

“Netezza came, they installed, they moved the data, and within 48 hours we were up and running with real production data.” – Vasant Gadgil, Enterprise Architect at Con-way Freight
“Our data warehouse team consists of one to two employees that we need once every three months.” – Mark Saponar, Vice President, Information Systems at iBasis
“Allowing the business users access to the box was what really sold it. They were running analytics on Netezza six months before even having any training.” – Steve Taff, Executive Director IT Services at XO Communications.

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