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Lighthouse Computer Services announces intent to acquire Creative Computing Inc.

October 23, 2015
Lincoln, Rhode Island, USA

Lighthouse Computer Services (LCS), award-­winning, regional IT solutions and services leader, is pleased to announce the intent to acquire Creative Computing Inc. (CCI). Both firms, as Premier IBM Business Partners, offer deep expertise in guiding organizations into the changing landscape of data and information, helping clients to become agile competitors.

While the acquisition is based on common technology partnerships, both firms have specialized capabilities which will now be available to their combined customers. With the addition of Creative Computing to the Lighthouse organization, Lighthouse’s range of services and solutions expands into a new spectrum of Analytics software, consulting, and training. This move will lead to even more customized solutions guaranteed to streamline operational performance and propel top and bottom line results.

Lighthouse has always resolved to remain at the forefront of IT, making it their mission to be the IT partner of choice for services and solutions in the Northeast. This means constantly investing in deep technical expertise and making that expertise readily available to clients.

Greg Berard, GM, Sales and Services, advocates the power of using Analytics: “Big Data has the potential to transform business operations today in the same way the Internet did. With this move, Lighthouse will revolutionize its approach–working to create systems and solutions uniquely suited for each client based on what analytics determines about their past and present business performance.”

CEO of Creative Computing, David Doucette, believes that CCI’s consultative data approach will meld with Lighthouse’s mission to remain at the forefront of leading customers into the new era of data collection and deployment. “We both have powerful synergies that build upon each other to innovate and optimize how customers capture, store, process and analyze data. By fusing the combined expertise of both companies, we can continue to improve our value proposition, and we at Creative are extremely excited for this opportunity. We share the Lighthouse commitment to customer service and technical excellence.”

So it is with excitement that the Lighthouse and Creative teams will undertake this restructuring, knowing that the combined forces of both will have a greater effect than what either can accomplish alone. This move will propel Lighthouse—and our clients—into a new frontier.

As the details are finalized, Lighthouse and CCI will ensure that all of their clients continue to receive the
premier customer service they have come to expect.

If you’d like more information about this topic, please contact us:; 888-­542-­8030. Information will also be published on the web at: and

October2015 LCS-CCI Acquisition Release


Creative Computing Inc. Announces Partnership with LearnQuest to Expand Breadth & Scope of Training


Creative Computing (CCI) is pleased to announce its expanded partnership with LearnQuest, one of only four global training providers selected by IBM to deliver training in North America and throughout the world.

training-1Creative Computing has had a long-standing relationship with LearnQuest to deliver training and has further extended this association by becoming a LearnQuest remarketer and delivery partner.  This expanded partnership will provide CCI with access to over 26,000 courses that can be delivered virtually, self-paced, or in a traditional instructor led format.  Creative Computing’s CEO David Doucette says, “We are very pleased to continue and strengthen our long standing relationship with LearnQuest with the understanding that our customers will benefit from our expanded training portfolio and course delivery capabilities.  It is clear that IBM has made the right choice in selecting LearnQuest as a Global Training Provider.”

Jon Sofro, LearnQuest’s Director of Sales – North America, states, “Creative Computing has been a valued delivery partner for many years and we look forward to expanding our relationship with CCI to deliver the highest quality IBM courses available.”

With Creative Computing’s increased focus on customer enablement, CCI’s education lead, David Pacific states “I have been very pleased with the high quality training that LearnQuest has brought to the table and I am excited about our expanded training capabilities and delivery mechanisms.”

Learn more about our Training

Public Courses | Instructor-led training

Advanced Analytics  SPSS

Performance Management  TM1  | Cognos Planning

Business Intelligence  Cognos

Information Management  –  Netezza  |  Infosphere

Self-Paced Courses

Advanced Analytics – SPSS Self-Paced

Performance Management TM1 Self-Paced | Cognos Planning Self-Paced

Business Intelligence – Cognos Self-Paced

Information Management – Netezza Self-Paced | Infosphere Self-Paced

An extensive library of self-paced training Search all self-paced courses


For More Information, visit contact:

Steve Scardino (in the US) at 401-727-2400  |  Nash Nousef (in Canada) at 905-532-0440



About Creative Computing Inc.

With offices in Providence, RI and Toronto, ON, CCI has been designing, developing and deploying custom Data Integration, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics systems for our customers since 1991. Our customer base numbers over 500 in New England, The Great Lakes and Canada, and spans a wide array of industries. We have vertical solutions for both Manufacturing as well as Healthcare, but continue to do a great deal of work in Higher Education, Retail, Finance, and Insurance. CCI offers our customers the software, consulting, and training they need to deliver successful, high-impact solutions to make better business decisions, improve operational performance, and drive bottom and top line results. By partnering with technology leaders like IBM/Cognos we offer our customers best of breed solutions based on proven technologies, backed by the most well established firm in the industry.

About LearnQuest

Since 1997, LearnQuest has been providing complete education solutions for corporations and government organizations that need to LearnQuest Education Partnertrain their staff on the latest business skills and Information Technology tools, methodologies, and languages. LearnQuest is nationally accredited by ACCET, an IIBA Charter Endorsed Education Provider and partnered with IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Citrix. LearnQuest has worked with Fortune 100 organizations and government agencies to plan, create, and deploy learning solutions, enabling them to implement mission critical business solutions within their organizations. Using a proven education methodology, LearnQuest has helped its clients significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of their IT projects. For the third consecutive year, LearnQuest has been selected to’s 2013 IT Training Companies Watch List. For more information, visit

To learn more about the expanded offerings from Creative Computing and Learnquest, please reach out to us at: 401-727-2400, or email us at:

IBM Cognos 8 will no longer be supported after September 30th, 2013

Creative Computing Inc - The Art of Business Analytics

IBM Cognos 10 Intelligence Unleashed

Welcome to the Age of Analytics!

With the recent announcement that IBM Cognos 8 will no longer be supported after September 30th, 2013, many existing Cognos customers are struggling with the best approach to upgrade to Cognos 10.  Creative Computing has a proven, best practices approach to address this growing concern and we welcome the opportunity to share our experiences with you.Creative Computing is one of IBM’s most established Business Analytics Partners with over 20 years of experience working with Cognos BI and advanced analytics technology.

As a Cognos 10 Beta tester, CCI has hands on experience working with the tools as well as an established Analytics Practice focused on Predictive Modeling, as well as Data and Text Mining. CCI is here to help you move into this exciting new age by leveraging the mountains of data we all now have available to us.

To learn more and see how to get started contact us today and we’ll set an appointment for an initial discussion. We’ll show you how easy it is to get up and running with IBM Cognos 10.


IBM Cognos 10 Enablement Program

This is CCI’s highly customizable program which includes the right combination of the following:

  •   Cognos 10 Readiness Assessment
  •   Cognos 10 Upgrade Attack Plan
  •   Cognos 10 Upgrade Service
  •   Cognos 10 User Training
  •   Cognos 10 Software
  •   Motio CI & Report Card Software

If you’re ready to go, we’re here to help you get there fast and painlessly.

For more Information, Please Contact:
Stephen Scardino
Creative Computing Inc.
Tel: 401-727-2400



Our Canada Office has been Relocated

Date:  July 1, 2013

We are pleased to announce that our Canada Office has been relocated to a more convenient location.  Effective immediately, we ask that all correspondence be sent to our new address as follows:

Creative Computing
2425 Matheson Boulevard East, 8th Floor
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 5K4

Our telephone and fax have not changed; they are:

Telephone:  905-532-0440
Fax:  905-532-0683

Thank you for bringing this announcement to the attention of your accounting/billing department.  We are confident that there should be no interruption to services provided to you, our valued clients.  Please call if you have any questions.

CCI appoints Steve Scardino to position of ‘Director of Sales’ effective July 1, 2013

Creative Computing Inc. (CCI) has appointed Steve Scardino to the position of Director of Sales effective July 1, 2013 succeeding, Ken Gustin who left the company In June.

Steve Scardino has been a successful Account Executive with a proven track record of selling IBM performance management software and services offerings to C level executives. Steve Scardino has over 15 years of technical selling experience with a concentration in data warehouse, business intelligence, performance management, and predictive analytics. He has a proven ability to identify business pains that translates to technical or consulting solutions. Steve has strong track record of partnering with IBM to match their industry leading products including Infosphere, Data Stage, Cognos, TM1 and SPSS with customer needs.

Steve Scardino said “I am looking forward to working with Creative Computing’s Customers, Partners, Account Executives, and Professional Services organization to offer and deliver effective solutions. IBM is the recognized leader in Business Analytics. Together, IBM and Creative Computing can offer a depth and breadth of products and services that provide major competitive advantages for our customers”. He added, “We are sharpening our focus in four key areas: Healthcare, Higher Education, Retail, and Manufacturing. We are very pleased to be working with IBM industry experts and leading organizations within those areas.”

Acumetrics adopts Creative Computing Name

“Acumetrics adopts Creative Computing Name” – March, 2012 “

Acumetrics is pleased to announce a name change.  Over the course of the next quarter, Acumetrics Business Intelligence will be transitioning its corporate identity to “Creative Computing”.  As a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Computing Inc., Acumetrics will adopt the parent company name and continue to do business in Canada and the United States as Creative Computing.  The name change will eliminate confusion and unite both organizations under one corporate brand.  The united organization will continue to offer its combined services and products to existing and new customers across North America.

Creative Computing offers its clients industry leading software and consulting services to design, develop and deploy Information Management, Business Analytics and Planning solutions using IBM/Cognos technologies.  In addition we are the developers of MARS (Manufacturing Analytic Reporting Solutions) for the SolarSoft iVP ERP system.

Creative Computing and Cognos host major local firms

Creative Computing and Cognos host major local firms to discuss the importance of Planning for the Office of Finance.

Bringing Order to Chaos. That was one of the themes expressed in this spring’s “Office of Finance Best Practices Event” hosted by Creative Computing, Inc. and Cognos, an IBM company, at Kirkbrae Country Club in Lincoln RI.

Companies like FGX (Foster Grant), Mass Housing, Arbella Insurance, MetLife, and Athena Health among others spent the morning listening to presentations on how to leverage the Office of Finance products from Cognos, an IBM Company, to help create accurate, dynamic, forward-looking plans for future growth and success.

The morning began with Joe Burton of Creative Computing presenting a high level overview of the value of Enterprise Planning, and some tips on ensuring a successful implementation. Burton, Creative Computing’s Office of Finance Practice Manager, cautioned the group not to try to build one massive enterprise wide plan as a first project, but rather identify a couple “quick wins” which would show immediate value and build buy in for the larger implementation. “Don’t try to eat the elephant. By dividing the project into parts and delivering the less complex parts first can help build user acceptance.” said Burton.

Creative’s Mary Smith discussed the various techniques to deliver robust reporting against the Enterprise Planning (EP) environment. The audience was pleased to hear that Smith had successfully designed and built a flexible Data Mart using data from multiple sources including EP, in about a week. This mart became the foundation upon which was built a series of cubes and reports which enabled non-technical users to access and explore EP data interactively. “Data Marts are a great solution,” said Smith. “But they may not be for everyone. If all you need is data from a single EP model, building reports directly against the Published Container with Report Studio can be just as valuable.”

Fuel Cell Energy of Danbury, CT presented a complex, comprehensive information environment which they delivered in just a few months which encompassed a vast cross section of Cognos technologies. Rob Keefrider, Director of Finance and Information Analytics for Fuel Cell, explained how with just a couple month left in the fiscal year he decided to “bite the bullet” and jump full steam ahead into a major overhaul of their existing forecasting and budgeting process, making Cognos EP the new centerpiece technology for the entire system. In spite of a series of challenges, Keefrider’s team pulled it off, delivering incremental pieces of the solution at critical times, and allowing his team to get through the first budget cycle by the skin of their teeth. “Looking back,” Keefrider said, “we made the right call. If we had waited till next fiscal year, we knew the business would have that many more demands on it. The company is growing rapidly now and we’re stretching our resources to cover a great deal of work already. Waiting would have been a mistake.” In the end, Fuel Cell Energy overhauled it entire Business Intelligence platform using Cognos 8, implemented Enterprise Planning to do Budgeting and Forecasting, as well as Cognos Finance to deliver financial reporting.

With lunch being brought in, there was one session left. The forward looking talk was both exciting and possibly a little concerning to some in the room. Joe Fitzpatrick and Atique Taluker of Cognos presented and demonstrated TM1. This multi-dimensional data base, which was developed and well established by Applix before it was acquired by Cognos last year, will form the new underlying data source for the new Office of Finance solution from Cognos. The process will take many months, but the benefits will be substantial. “TM1’s speed and read/write capability along with its ability to handle huge volumes of data make it a natural fit to support a financial planning application,” said Joe Fitzpatrick.

Looking ahead to the Fall, attendees suggested a follow up presentation on TM1 and what the product road map looks like as we move towards complete convergence of the technologies. While all attendees where at different point in their journey towards creating Performance Management companies, all felt they had some valuable takeaways from the day. Many have set concrete next steps to explore how these tools can help streamline, simplify and accelerate their current planning and budgeting processes.


Creative Computing
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Creative Computing, Inc. Acquires Acumetrics Business Intelligence

-February 28, 2011

“Creative Computing, Inc. Acquires Acumetrics Business Intelligence, Inc., Creates an International Presence and Expands Offering”

Creative Computing, Inc. and Acumectrics Business Intelligence, Inc. today announced that the two companies have entered into a definitive merger agreement for Creative Computing to acquire Acumetrics, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Both are privately-held companies.

Creative Computing’s acquisition of Acumetrics is part of a wider goal to help companies enjoy the benefits of their combined software solutions and experiences. While the acquisition is based on a common technology partnership with IBM®, both firms have specialized capabilities which will now be available to their combined customers in both the U.S. and Canada. Specifically, CCI will dramatically increase its skills with IBM Cognos’ TM1® (High-performance enterprise planning software for budgeting, forecasting and analysis) and now can offer Quick Start solutions for Solarsoft iVP® running on the IBM iSeries® to provide out-of-the-box solutions for sales, finance, production and inventory reporting and analysis. CCI is pleased to be bringing its existing expertise with SAS® Analytics and IBM Cognos SPSS® (Predictive Analytics) and IBM Infosphere™ (Information Integration, Data Warehouse and Master Data Management) to its new Canadian customers. Both firms already offer deep expertise in IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence systems design and development.

As an IBM Cognos® Premier Partner, Creative Computing is laser focused on Enterprise Data Integration, Reporting and Predictive Analytics. They now offer software, hardware, consulting and training to a customer base of over 500, throughout North America. Mid to enterprise size clients alike, (spanning a wide array of industries), have benefited from the collective expertise of their highly-trained employees.

“This acquisition will expand the geographic market that Creative Computing services, enabling us to become an International IBM® partner serving all of North America. The combined expertise of both companies will help us continue to improve our value proposition and will allow us to better serve a broader client base intent on using information to gain a competitive advantage. Predictive Analytics is the future and we’re not just riding the wave, we’re helping to create it”, said David R. Doucette, President/CEO of Creative Computing, Inc. “Acumetrics brings deep expertise in TM1® and strong manufacturing industry expertise to our organization. We’re pleased to be offering these new solutions to our customers.”

“The combined organizations will yield a very strong synergy from a business, technology and geographic perspective,” said Don Richardson, co-founder of Acumetrics. “The complementary nature of the skills and solutions is a win for customers of both firms.”

Acumetrics has had long and productive partner relationships with:
     • Solarsoft Business Systems: helping manufacturing Solarsoft ERP users implement
       business intelligence and data warehouse solutions meet advanced reporting and analysis
     • Optimum Solutions: creating value and solutions for their HR and Payroll systems

Both Creative Computing and Acumetrics have shared experiences in partnering with:
     • IBM Cognos®: designing developing and deploying business intelligence and data ware-
       house solutions for clients and offering customized training and knowledge transfer to
     • Microsoft®: helping clients implement and deploy business intelligence solutions using
       Microsoft SQL Server, utilizing the built-in integration, reporting and analysis services to
       support the needs of an entire organization and to deploy robust business intelligence

Creative Computing also partners with SAS® as a software reseller and consulting partner, reselling the SAS® Enterprise Platform including SAS® Business Intelligence, SAS® Analytic Intelligence and SAS® Data Integration.

About Creative Computing

Creative Computing, Inc. (CCI) is a leading provider of Business Analytics Software and Solutions from IBM Cognos, based in Armonk, NY; and from SAS Institute, Inc., of Cary, N.C. As an IBM Cognos® Premier Partner, CCI has been designing, building and deploying business intelligence solutions based on Cognos software products for 20 years. By following a Best Practices approach, their expertly trained staff of IT consultants has built and deployed major applications for many Fortune 500 companies throughout North America, allowing them to build environments designed to enable key business users to access relevant business information; allowing them to become agile competitors. Creative Computing is headquartered in Lincoln, RI.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please call 401-727-2400 or e-mail Debra at Information can also be found on the web, at: and

• IBM and all other product or service names are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide.
• SAS and all other SAS Institute Inc. product or service names are registered trademarks or trademarks of SAS Institute Inc. in the USA and other countries.


Creative Computing
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Creative Computing, Inc. Gets Clever: Uses Webex to Generate Sales Leads

“Creative Computing, Inc. Gets Clever: Use Webex to Generate Sales Leads” – (Part 1): View the Cisco Webex Article featured April 12, 2010

David Doucette (bottom), Chris Simonelli (left), Mike Sherman (right)Today we are featuring a two part case study with the hope that you can leverage some of their good ideas in your business. In part one of this two part interview, we take a look at how a smart, lean company has used WebEx to gain momentum and market share. In part two (next Monday), we’ll look at how they dramatically cut travel time and costs with WebEx Meeting Center.

David Doucette, President and CEO of Creative Computing, Inc. (CCI), will tell you, selling software and services is no slam dunk. It can be time-consuming and costly. The company has been designing, developing, and deploying custom Data Warehouse and Performance Management systems for its customers since 1991. CCI uses WebEx to increase the effectiveness of its sales efforts and reduce costs throughout the sales cycle.

WebEx Event Center Brings In New Leads
According to David, one of their most effective tools for generating sales from new customers, and software upgrades and add-on licensing revenue from existing customers, is WebEx Event Center. CCI hosts monthly WebEx webinars showcasing their products and technologies. “We typically have several presenters who jointly conduct the presentation, ‘passing the ball’ between them, and someone else keeps track of questions sent in by attendees,” he explains.

Bigger Than a Conference Room, Everyone Can Attend
These sessions are open to new prospects and existing customers and draw in 30 to 50 attendees. “We could never get all these people together physically in a room,” says David. WebEx tracks who registered, who attended, and how long they attended for. “It captures their level of interest, which can help our sales team be more successful in their follow-up efforts. For example, we can send them an email if they weren’t able to attend saying, ‘We noticed you weren’t able to attend, but we recorded the presentation and here is the link.’”

The best news is that these events help create new sales opportunities, drive upgrades and increase add-on licensing. “Our customers learn how to better utilize their products, prospects learn how our solutions can help them, and we expand our sales funnel. It’s a win-win all the way around.”

Who Wants a Little Extra Money in the Bank?

“Who Wants a Little Extra Money in the Bank?” – (Part 2):  Cisco Webex Article featured April 20, 2010

I’m always interested in finding out how companies are using our technologies to streamline the ways they do things and to save money. Creative Computing, Inc., (CCI) sells software and services, and president and CEO David Doucette will tell you that this business is no slam dunk. It is time-consuming and it can be expensive. Doucette is always looking for ways to remedy these issues.

For example, with Cisco WebEx Event Center, CCI can hold webinars to showcase their products and technologies. Because this happens online, they can have many more attendees than they would be able to host in person. Since these events create new sales opportunities, drive upgrades and increase add-on licensing, being able to host more attendees than they have in the past is great for them. Also, customers are happy to stay where they are, attend the webinar, and skip the business trip. A true win-win.

Also, to save money and be most efficient during the sales cycle, CCI uses Cisco’s WebEx solutions to help them deploy custom data warehouse and performance management systems for its customers. We all know that a sale is a process and seldom closes with only a single meeting with a prospect. By demoing to prospects via WebEx, several in-person trips can be eliminated. This obviously saves the company a lot of money, but a lot of time, too, helping them to close sales more quickly than before.

According to Doucette, the math is easy. If it takes an hour to do a remote demo, his consultant could spend the rest of the day consulting, generating around $1000 a day for CCI. Multiply that by once a week, and on the shy side, 30 times a year, and you’re looking at about $30,000 in additional revenue for CCI plus all those plane tickets he didn’t have to buy.

For CCI, WebEx is like money in the bank.

by LeAnne Schrotzberger, Cisco Corporate Relations