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Cognos Active Reports

By Itzik Maoz, Director of Business Analytics Practice for Creative Computing, Inc.

One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching students about Cognos Business Intelligence is to witness their enthusiasm when they grasp the software’s possibilities and power. They don’t need to be IT professionals to learn how to extract vital information, analyze it and create meaningful reports.

I’m especially excited about Cognos’ ability to produce active reports. This unique format lets you create dashboards for a comprehensive view of multiple aspects of your vital information, and you can see it on your tablet, Android smart phone or computer. You can also run active reports in a variety of browsers. You get information right when you need it, even if you are not connected to the Internet or your network, so that you – or your customers – can make informed decisions.

With Cognos’ active report feature, the information is presented in a very dynamic way. The active reports let you use a variety of interactive prompts and charts, including bubble charts, trend Chart, etc. You can view different types of information, such as sales by region or by product, on one dashboard. There are so many options; it’s easy to customize the reports.

You can also quickly process information in an extremely visual way, especially if you’re using IBM’s Rapidly Adaptive Visualization Engine (RAVE), which makes the visualizations interactive and animated. It’s not just a static report. It visually changes, moves and shifts on command. For example, you can visually observe how your different product lines shift as you slide the time slider with your finger on your iPad.

Create and Interact
In a LearnQuest class, we talk about how to create active reports and how to interact with them. It’s a combination of demonstrations and hands-on work. We discuss the features and the concepts. Students practice using sample data – typically sales data because it’s easy to understand.

Before taking any Cognos class, it helps tremendously if you review the prerequisites. You’ll simply get more out of the class, if everyone enters at the same level.

I’m a trainer in these sessions, but I can also share my knowledge as a consultant and a frequent user. I help people understand how the software relates to the student’s industry or their job. Cognos is used in all industries and at all organization levels. My students are from a variety of industries, with the majority of them from the Finance and Sales departments.

Sharing my knowledge is part of my personality. Showing people how to get the most out of this great technology so they can grow their company gives me a lot of satisfaction.

About the Author
Itzik Maoz is Director of Business Analytics Practice for Creative Computing and has more than 15 years of Business Analytics experience. Based in Providence, R.I., he has worked with many of New England’s most recognizable companies in Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare and Higher Education. He is proficient in the entire IBM Business Analytics stack and is well versed in the entire Business Analytics project lifecycle.


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