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CCI hires and promotes first on the basis of integrity; second, motivation; third, capacity; fourth, understanding; fifth, knowledge; and lastly, experience.

Without integrity, motivation is dangerous; without motivation, capacity is impotent; without capacity, understanding is limited; without understanding, knowledge is meaningless; without knowledge, experience is blind.  Experience is easy to provide and quickly put to good use by people with all the other qualities.

This philosophy guides our hires, both college and professional.  In general, other than college hires, CCI looks for gifted, experienced consultants who already bring to the table several years of experience using BI, ETL, or Analytic tools, ideally in the IBM product family.  However, we have certainly hired individuals who have displayed great creativity, initiative, professionalism, or management skills along with a passion for learning and have quickly put them to good service in projects which called for an individual with their personal set of gifts.  CCI puts a strong emphasis on “fit”.  This is in respect to both hiring practices, as well as projects we choose to work on.  Fit encompasses integrity; motivation; capacity; understanding; knowledge; and experience when we consider a new hire.   It is our experience that those who score high in these categories fit well within CCI’s culture as well as within our clients’ projects and workplaces.

Our clients have come to expect that CCI consultants will bring not only technical expertise to the table, but a rich capacity to delve into business issues to better understand the challenges the client is seeking to overcome.  They are then expected to use their creativity to help craft a solution which leverages IBM/Cognos technology most effectively to overcome the identified challenges.  Of course the final solution must be elegant in design, perform at a high level, be intuitive to use for non-technical users, and easy to maintain and extend once the engagement has ended.

CCI believes strongly in personal and professional development.  CCI relies upon our employees’ knowledge, experience, skills and their ability to make use of current technologies to satisfy the demands of our customers.  The level of competitiveness combined with rapid change in our industry requires constant application of today’s technologies and the examination of tomorrow’s possibilities.  Our close partnership with IBM requires us to maintain a highly trained workforce with a broad range of related skills.  We achieve this goal through external classroom training and through the formation of an internal cross-training program.   CCI leverages any consultant bench-time by sending them to IBM Information Management classes to grow our skill sets and certifications.

The programs we’ve implemented maximize the amount of training that our Consultants and Sales employees can participate in, as well as reduce the direct costs to CCI.  All of our consultants have been heavily certified on the Cognos suite of tools, InfoSphere family of technologies, starting with DataStage and QualityStage, and now the SPSS product family.

This commitment to training increases employee knowledge of the newest software releases, increases our number of new and repeat clients which increases revenue, and enables us to retain employees and offer higher salaries.  All of these factors contribute to strengthening our partnerships with IBM/Cognos and SAS.


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