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Keep up with the latest in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics!

Every month CCI drops a newsletter into our customers’ Inbox which is packed with every manner of content to ensure they stay current on technology trends, best practices, new product introductions, special offers, upcoming events and more. Each issue includes everything from relevant whitepapers, to self paced product demos, to informative videos on hot topics in Business Analytics. Our content is drawn from a variety of sources, and assembled in an easy to read package for your perusal. Best of all, the content is driven by you, our customers. Tell us what you’d like to know about and let us do the research and provide it for you in the next issue.

Newsletter Archives:

January 2013: Analytics Pioneers, Enterprise Architects, and Retail for Fishermen
February 2013: Insights in Africa, Big Data Hype, and Keeping up with Mobile Retail
March 2013: Revitalizing Parks, Fashioning a Future, Pie Chart or Bar Chart
April 2013: Passing the Buzzword Stage, Education Revivals, Analytics and HR
May 2013:Decisions on Demand, Marketing Decision Management, and a Masters Degree in Big Data
June 2013: BI Cycles, Teeing up Mobile and Big Data, Power of Combining Social and Digital Intel
July 2013:Retail’s Wake-Up Call, Datafication of Daily Life, and Cultural Venues and Big Data
August 2013: City Leaders Learn Big Data, Small Businesses Use Cloud to Go Global, and New Tech Standards for Big Dataand
September 2013: Measuring Big Data Value, Top Execs Buy in, and Analytics Catch Digital Pirates
October 2013: Doctors Tap Big Data, Millenials and Social, and the Rise of Infauxgraphics
November 2013: Big Data for Public Good, Visualizing the Next Big Question, and A Good Night’s Sleep

January 2012
February 2012: The Year of Analytics; The Three V’s of Big Data
March 2012: Big Data Liberation; In-Memory Transformation; Good KPIs
April 2012: Comparing Big Data Value, Machine Learning v Domain Expertise
May 2012: Analytical Ecosystem, Analyics and Rugby, Pinterest
June 2012 – Big Data Blasts Off, Governments, Stats 101
July 2012 – Who’s Buying IT, Huge in Afganistan (or not), Delivering a Better Egg
August 2012: BI vs. BA, Predicting Needs, More Than a Map
September 2012: Social Media Winners & Losers, Analytics in Public Policy, and Back-to-School Sales Increases
October 2012: Electing Big Data, Tyranny of the Anecdotal, and Redefining Commerce
November 2012: Analysts and Decision Management, Big Data Helps Big Cats, Predicting Global Wine Markets
December 2012: Decision Latency, Information and Insights, and BI Catchphrases for 2013

January 2011: Business Rules, Predictions, and Trends
February 2011: Business Rules, Predictions, and Trends
April 2011: Spring into Intelligence
December 2011

January 2010
February 2010
March 2010: The right data, glitter, and feuds
April 2010: Undercover, Strategy, and Options
May 2010: The Impossible, the Unknown, and Secrets
June 2010: The Power of Analytics and Performance Management
July 2010: Smart Meters, Interruptions, and R&D
August 2010: The New Face of BI
September 2010
October 2010: Packaged Data, Giveth & Taketh, and Bullies
November 2010: Opportunities, 7 Shifts, and Giving Back
December 2010: The best of 2010

May 2009
June 2009
July 2009
August 2009
September 2009
October 2009
November 2009
December 2009:  The Best of 2009: Intelligence at its Best!