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Our People

CCI is made up of a group of dedicated, hardworking IT consulting professionals. We put a premium on training and emphasize the importance of maintaining certifications on IBM products. But more important still is the balance of technical skills with business experience. After all, our goal is to help you overcome business problems. So when you work with CCI, the solution that gets delivered may be quite different than the one you had initially envisioned….it will be better.

CCI is made up of valuable people like:

Mike Sherman
Mike – An experienced data integration and business analytics expert, Mike is a gifted developer and systems designer. Mike’s been with us since 2000, and has distinguished himself in the use of several ETL technologies and has been a key element of many successful data mart and data warehouse projects. He has experience in Healthcare, Government, Banking, Insurance and Manufacturing.
Josh Lobel
Josh – A technical wizard, Josh is someone who gets deployed when the obstacles are high and wide. Josh does the impossible when everyone else has thrown in the towel. He excels at Business Intelligence design but is also a strong database developer. His experience spans Healthcare, Government, Insurance, High Tech, and Consumer Packaged Goods.
Fares Esber
Fares – Equally skilled with data mart design and business analytics solutions, Fares is a remarkable consultant. He is the unflappable person who rolls with an ever-changing situation and delivers back solutions which hit the bull’s eye. He has solved business problems for people in Healthcare, Retail, Energy, Banking, Insurance and Consumer Packaged Goods.

…And many more, all with unique skills and abilities that make CCI a one of a kind consulting partner.