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Creative Computing, Inc. Gets Clever: Uses Webex to Generate Sales Leads

“Creative Computing, Inc. Gets Clever: Use Webex to Generate Sales Leads” – (Part 1): View the Cisco Webex Article featured April 12, 2010

David Doucette (bottom), Chris Simonelli (left), Mike Sherman (right)Today we are featuring a two part case study with the hope that you can leverage some of their good ideas in your business. In part one of this two part interview, we take a look at how a smart, lean company has used WebEx to gain momentum and market share. In part two (next Monday), we’ll look at how they dramatically cut travel time and costs with WebEx Meeting Center.

David Doucette, President and CEO of Creative Computing, Inc. (CCI), will tell you, selling software and services is no slam dunk. It can be time-consuming and costly. The company has been designing, developing, and deploying custom Data Warehouse and Performance Management systems for its customers since 1991. CCI uses WebEx to increase the effectiveness of its sales efforts and reduce costs throughout the sales cycle.

WebEx Event Center Brings In New Leads
According to David, one of their most effective tools for generating sales from new customers, and software upgrades and add-on licensing revenue from existing customers, is WebEx Event Center. CCI hosts monthly WebEx webinars showcasing their products and technologies. “We typically have several presenters who jointly conduct the presentation, ‘passing the ball’ between them, and someone else keeps track of questions sent in by attendees,” he explains.

Bigger Than a Conference Room, Everyone Can Attend
These sessions are open to new prospects and existing customers and draw in 30 to 50 attendees. “We could never get all these people together physically in a room,” says David. WebEx tracks who registered, who attended, and how long they attended for. “It captures their level of interest, which can help our sales team be more successful in their follow-up efforts. For example, we can send them an email if they weren’t able to attend saying, ‘We noticed you weren’t able to attend, but we recorded the presentation and here is the link.’”

The best news is that these events help create new sales opportunities, drive upgrades and increase add-on licensing. “Our customers learn how to better utilize their products, prospects learn how our solutions can help them, and we expand our sales funnel. It’s a win-win all the way around.”


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