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Technology Innovations for Enhanced Database Management and Advanced BI

Technology Innovations for Enhanced Database Management & Advanced BIdb2-blu-1-short

Database management and business intelligence (BI) solutions are evolving—fast. Used together, new innovations in both areas have the potential to deliver significantly more business benefit and help you gain faster insights from your data.

Reviewing and enhancing your information architecture is key to exploiting those innovations. Your IBM® Cognos® BI solution already gives you a BI advantage and adding IBM DB2® 10.5 with BLU Acceleration as the underlying data store can boost your ability to handle the complex data management requirements that today’s analytics systems demand.

The latest release of DB2 has capabilities like dynamic in-memory columnar support and data skipping technologies designed to enable sub-second response times when querying massive amounts of data. By combining Cognos with DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration, you not only help improve BI performance, but also help reduce data storage requirements. Clients have reported compression rates of 10 times in DB2 with BLU Acceleration versus uncompressed tables.1

Read the analyst research report “Technology Innovations for Enhanced Database Management and Advanced BI,” and find out how smart infrastructure investments make a big difference when confronting demands for high-speed analytics.


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