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Entering InfoSphere: A comprehensive platform with a wealth of tools for users

By Itzik Maoz . Director of Business Analytics Practice, Creative Computing

There is much excitement and interest in the new ways reporting and analytics can benefit organizations. But reporting and analytics cannot be perfected alone without quality, accurate and timely underlying data.

IBM InfoSphere is an enterprise scale platform that allows for a comprehensive solution around data warehousing, data integration, master data management, data governance and more.

There are many valuable tools in the InfoSphere suite.

DataStage is a highly sophisticated data extracting and transforming tool (ETL). Its parallel engine enables a developer to work with high volume jobs with fewer resources in faster time. Other benefits include the support of big data and Hadoop in rest and in motion.

As you can see in the image below, it has a user friendly interface which contributes to ease of use and maintenance.

QualityStage is another important tool that allows you to manage and mitigate the amount of time dealing with data issues. Data quality often turns to be the most consuming part of a project, and there are estimates that companies can save $7-$10 for every record, which amounts to significate savings.

Other tools in the InfoSphere suite include

Information Analyzer, provides advanced analysis and monitoring of your data, among other abilities.

Metadata Workbench helps link metadata from source systems with target systems such as Cognos BI with an end-to-end metadata path that can be used for impact analysis.
Organizations that use Cognos BI and InfoSphere can track their data from the report all the way to the source data. This type of tracking is valuable in creating a transparent environment, fostering trust and complying with many recent data tracking requirements.

Business Glossary is extremely valuable for organizations that want to maintain an enterprise glossary and vocabulary. It is connected to Metadata Workbench and allows data stewards to use a web-based interface to define the glossary and in turn have business users very easily understand the definitions.

With this wide range of data services that all work closely together, InfoSphere is a truly comprehensive platform — ideal for saving time, mitigating risk and moving data quickly and cleanly from source systems to a comprehensive analytics solution.

About the Author
Itzik Maoz is Director of Business Analytics Practice for Creative Computing and has more than 15 years of Business Analytics experience. Based in Providence, R.I., he has worked with many of New England’s most recognizable companies in Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare and Higher Education. He is proficient in the entire IBM Business Analytics stack and is well versed in the entire Business Analytics project lifecycle.


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