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HEADs Up (Higher Education Advanced) Dashboard

Creative Computing is proud to present:  HEADs Up; our very own Higher Education Advanced Dashboard, built on IBM Cognos

Creative Computing Inc. has recognized through a multitude of higher education engagements that there are common key metrics that indicate performance at the collegiate level. Using Cognos as the front end, these metrics are isolated in an interface that allows for quick and intuitive analysis to respond faster than ever.

Creative Computing Inc.’s Higher Education Advanced Dashboard (“HEADs Up”) solution is designed to allow higher education institutions to easily and seamlessly integrate existing data sets into highly intuitive and visually compelling actionable insight.

Heads up dashboard

Through the use of recognized academic KPI metrics, consumers will be able to view a quick pulse check on multiple collegiate dimensions. Indicators within Admissions, Enrollments, Retention, Graduation Rates, Financial Aid, Finance, and Student Outcomes can provide a visual “story board” and evoke the most appropriate response to data trends. These performance metrics can be customized based on the academia’s needs and acquired data sets whether they reside in a data warehouse or extractable flat files.

  • Collegiate institution`s can now quickly integrate their data in a compelling format readable across the enterprise, enforcing standards across departments to ensure data readiness and definitions are aligned.
    • Analysts can continue to work with the data to alter departmental metrics and uncover additional correlations in the data to continue to strengthen the case for action.
    • With “HEADs Up”, executives and consumers alike can make better informed business decisions regarding their institution quicker and easier than ever before.

For a demonstration or product review, please contact Steve Scardino 401-727-2400.

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