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Automate, streamline, and manage ATM installation and conversion projects.

Features Include:


-Contractual terms
-ATM requirements
-Terminal driver database elements

-ATM and Service Contracts Procurement
-Circuit procurement
-Staging data for ATM vendors

Provides robust management tracking and reporting.


Provides Templates for:
-Project Plan and Budget
-Integration Plan
-Conversion Schedules
-Image Reference Grid
-ATM Site Procedure Manual
-Master Control Room Procedures and Settlement Reporting

Validation of Telecom Circuits with ATM Simulator testing.

Interfaces with industry leading appli­ca­tions including Gasper & ATM Manager PRO.


ATM Go Live!

 ATM Go Live! is one more way to give financial institutions a competitive advantageAutomate, streamline, and manage ATM installation and conversion projects.

Installations … an Efficient Installation Lifecycle Process

The process required to install and bring live ATM’s involves many internal banking departments, such as self-service banking, facilities, technical and operations, as well as building contractors and outside vendor-provided services such as communications and terminal driving processors.

ATM Go Live! makes the entire ATM installation lifecycle process more manage­able and efficient. No more faxes, forms or photocopies!  It auto­mates the entire process and provides one centralized location to record all required information.  Whether contrac­tual, logistical, or technical, it is collected, tracked and distributed.

ATM Go Live Installations

Conversions … a Seamless Conversion Process

As the financial industry continues to consoli­date, the need to quickly convert from one Terminal Driver to another is accelerating.

ATM conversions can be as labor intensive and prone to bottlenecks as new installations.  ATM Go Live Conversion Process tracks and accel­erates the process from Project Planning, to a successful conversion onto the network.

ATM Go Live! will shorten the time to conversion, reduce risk, and minimize ATM downtime during conversion.

The ATM Go Live! process is based on 30 years of  hands-on experience,  and leverages an understanding of  the  technical, operational and manpower requirements needed to successfully complete an ATM conversion.

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