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Manufacturing Analysis & Reporting Solutions -“MARS”

MARS-Manufacturing, Analysis & Reporting SolutionsCreative Computing Inc.’s MARS products are built to provide the foundation for reporting and analysis of the Solarsoft iVP ERP system, and are being mapped to support several of the other major Manufacturing ERPs. The framework has been developed over years of implementations with Solarsoft customers and is maintained for the newest version of the software releases. The framework can be customized to join Solarsoft data to any other data sources, including time & attendance, payroll, HRIS, quality, and forecasting applications. Further, the framework provides the control necessary to ensure your business runs on a single version of the truth. Leveraging the robust security within Cognos, the framework can be customized and secured to allow access to only the information specific users require. The framework connects to the Solarsoft iVP data including; Account Receivables, Finance, Inventory, Production, and Sales. Key features and benefits include:

  • Plug and Play Performance Information
  • Ability to analyze your business performance using “slice and dice”, “drill down” and “drill-through” capabilities.
  • Ability to create ad hoc queries using business friendly naming conventions.
  • Manage production reports for distribution through the organization.
  • Scorecards to manage your key performance indicators.
  • Dashboards to present a high level view of the organization wide performance.

The MARS Framework is the gateway for all of business information in the Solarsoft iVP system.

Using common business rules and standard data fields within the Solarsoft database, MARS includes multidimensional models for the following business areas:

  • Sales Analysis
  • Financial Analysis (Income Statement / Balance Sheet)
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis

These solutions are built upon the MARS Framework, and take advantage of our experience building similar solutions for clients. The solutions reflect commonly requested business measures and dimensions. They are fully customizable to adapt to your unique business needs. The multi-dimensional models also support drill through reporting to get down to the transaction details when necessary.

Creative Computing Inc. has a long and productive relationship with Solarsoft Business Systems (formerly CMS Software). Creative Computing Inc. helps Solarsoft iVP ERP users implement IBM Cognos performance management solutions to meet their advanced reporting and analysis requirements quickly. Standard SolarSoft reports get you pointed in the right direction, but with the Creative Computing Inc.’s MARS products for Solarsoft, clients significantly reduce the time to deploy more advanced analysis and reporting. By leveraging their Solarsoft data to create business performance information, they dramatically increase the return on their ERP investment. By comparison, building a custom reporting solution from scratch can takes months, and cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting and training. With MARS, it all done and ready to deploy in days or weeks depending on the amount of customization you request.

Customers can now fully realize the value of the data collected by their Manufacturing ERP because until now there was no easy way to extract, report off and analyze that data deeply and comprehensively. They’ve lacked the ability to present the right data, at the appropriate granularity to different levels within an organization. This allows clients to manage their business based on actionable information, rather than just reporting the numbers.

MARS’ greatest ROI comes from the value of its analysis cubes, which can “slice and dice” the data to gain insight into opportunities that would have gone unnoticed. Key business insights reveal opportunities for improving business processes, reducing costs, maximizing the use of limited resources, and aligning the efforts of various departments within the same organization. Often this exposure alone drives a focus on process control around data entry which in turn often results in more and better data being entered into the system, increasing the ROI of the ERP as well. MARS also provides a sophisticated, pre-built framework which would normally take months to develop if done in house.


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