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Patient re-Admit List (PAL)

Reducing readmission rates to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes

On average, patient readmissions cost approximately $10K per patient. In a small hospital where 1000 patients are readmitted per year, this results in 10 million dollars of expense. Hospitals are now penalized for high readmission rates, resulting in reduced Government Insurance Payments. By focusing on preventable readmission causes, hospitals can ensure payment compliance and improve patient outcomes.

While the primary goal is to reduce patient readmissions, Providers are unable to make critical decisions because of unstructured data that is hidden in physician notes, discharge summaries, and reports. The need for quick insight is a core issue; where do you begin?

The “PAL” Solution

CCI’s “Patient Readmit List (PAL)”, a Certified IBM Solution, uses IBM Business Analytics performance management solutions—including Cognos® and SPSS® software to create a visual dashboard that quickly highlights/identifies “High Risk” patients.

patient-readmit-dashboard“PAL” is a combination of a behind the scenes predictive model with an upfront dashboard. The model used is a Boosted Neural Network.  This algorithm is run 10 different times to interpret readmission factors and will only run an additional model on the previous misclassifications.  Based on hospital stay, health factors, and model results, specific treatment plans are generated.  The information is then passed to a dashboard which healthcare professions can utilize to examine patients who are ready to be discharged and to recognize those patients that are at high risk to be re-admitted. By unlocking this valuable information, Physicians now have the ability to create a discharge plan that better serves patients and reduces overall healthcare costs.

Key Benefits

  • Consolidates key data from a variety of sources
  • Online access to data in a logical, easy and useful format
  • Uses recognized Performance and Key Indicators (overall readmission rate, estimated revenue at stake due to patient readmission, medication usage, etc)
  • Fully allows for customizations given unique KPIs
  • Simplifies presentation via graphical representation
  • Allows exploration and viewing of data from different perspectives
  • Provides a “single version of truth” for key metrics
  • Establishes foundation for policies and preventative measures

Measurable Outcomes

CCI’s Patient reAdmit List (PAL) Solution helps Physicians:

Reduce 30 day hospital readmissions costs by predicting:

  • patients most likely to be readmitted
  • the best course of action for a patient likely to be readmitted at the point of discharge (Intervention)

Understand the overall cost associated with a patient’s hospital stay and possible complications by predicting:

  • patient length-of-stay (LOS)
  • treatment costs
  • if Patient is likely to have post-operative complications

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