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CCI’s reason for being is to assist our clients with projects which leverage data to its fullest. These include Performance Management, Data Integration, and Predictive Analytics. We provide the specialized consulting, training and software to ensure these projects are designed, developed and implemented both efficiently and effectively. We utilize our own methodology based on a Best Practices approach.

Our offerings are tailored to each client’s needs. Some require only software tools, others need high level guidance and direction or project management, or even a full development staff, or simply staff augmentation. CCI serves all of these roles, or any combination needed to ensure a successful project for you.


Data Integration

You need a solid, trusted data foundation upon which to build reporting, analytics and planning solutions. Gone are the days of building an enterprise data warehouse just because everyone’s doing it. Today we focus on high impact, business centered marts and warehouses.

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Business Intelligence

Once you have a solid data foundation, CCI can help you design, develop and deploy an appropriately scaled Business Intelligence solution to begin to share information with business users, managers and executives. This system will tell you what has been happening within your organization.

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Advanced Analytics

Having created a solid, trusted data foundation, and knowing what has been going on through business intelligence, the next question most organizations want to know is why the numbers are what they are. The appropriate application of powerful analytics tools from SPSS can detect underlying patterns and relationships that drive performance...

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Planning Budgeting and Forecasting

With some of the most senior TM1 specialists in North America on staff, CCI is well positioned to assist your Finance organization in replacing your existing Excel-based systems with industry leading technology, tied directly into the number one reporting solution (Cognos 10).

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