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As a consequence of its underlying predictive modeling and forecasting capabilities, SAS technologies can be leveraged to directly and often automatically improve operations, including optimization of decision-making, productivity, and efficiency.

Some questions that Creative Computing clients often ask include:

  • Are company goals reasonable and optimal?
  • How can I maximize efficiency or revenue?
  • How can I minimize risk or cost?
  • What is the best decision to make?
  • Which strategy will achieve my goal the fastest?

Creative Computing can leverage SAS technologies to provide the following functionality:

  • Asset allocation, budgeting, and goal/opportunity selection.
  • Identify the best pricing strategy, staffing plan, and inventory procedures.
  • Optimize traffic patterns, scheduling, and routing.
  • Manage supply chain
  • Optimize customer-offer-channel combination given constraints
  • Determine lucrative product blending for up- and cross sales.
  • Identify best investment options.

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