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Predictive Modeling

Using information to detect underlying patterns and relationships that drive performance is a powerful tool that can provide new insights. Often, such insight ultimately determines the future success of an organization, as new knowledge derived from analytics can be used to change or improve strategies going forward, thus providing strong competitive advantage.

Some challenges we help address in the area of predictive analytics include:

  • Lack of tools or knowledge necessary to determine market forces, correlations, associations, and other dependencies.
  • Challenges with assessing risk, retention, or segmentation of clients or markets.
  • Inability to determine a target market or effectiveness of potential marketing strategies.
  • Confusion over how to properly conduct surveys, polls, or other market research.

Creative Computing assists clients by:

  • Implementing the tools and/or assisting with developing analytical models of relationships, market forces, and correlations.
  • Providing resources to accurately assess risk or client/market patterns.
  • Using analytics to determine new avenues for business improvement.
  • Demonstrating and implementing methods to conduct client, product, or market research.

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