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Analytical Applications

If an  organization truly believes that its employees are its greatest asset why not put the tools in place to identify, develop and retain them? In support of driving performance from an HR perspective, CCI offers its customers a pre-built analytical application designed specifically to serve the needs of HR. It’s called HR Analyzer, and it’s a solution which maps nicely to any performance driven organization. Fully front ended by the IBM Cognos 8 BI platform, HR Analyzer includes a rich assortment of HR metrics, reports, cubes and an optimized data model.

Working with your IT and HR department, CCI can deliver a full functioning HR Analyzer solution which draws from virtually any source system (PeopleSoft, Oracle, Lawson, payroll, benefits, etc), in weeks. Customization to the system can be done by either CCI or your own Cognos-trained staff.

HR Analyzer allows any organization to quickly identify its highest performing employees as well as those who are performing below acceptable levels. In addition, it lets you track progress of employees as they are trained and advanced within the organization. Managers as well as HR professionals can measure and track employees careers by monitoring how they are performing against a rich assortment of key metrics such as absenteeism, sickness, training, employee retention, recruiting costs, and many more.

HR Analyzer has been proven to reduce organizations HR costs. Customers are consistently experiencing in excess of 3% saving on their annual personnel costs as a result of this deeper understanding of their HR metrics.

CCI believes it’s time HR took its place at the table as a truly strategic part of the organization. HR Analyzer will allow HR professional to demonstrate the impact they have on their business, and deliver a long term impact on its overall performance, efficiency, and competitive position.


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