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Dashboards and Scorecards

Key Performance Indicators are those measures which can quickly tell whether the organization is on track or not. Understanding how the organization is performing against these critical metrics on a daily, weekly, monthly basis gives managers the ability to keep them within acceptable ranges. Should a key metrics drift too high or too low, appropriate management is automatically alerted so that corrective measures can be taken.

Tools from IBM/Cognos enable CCI to create Dashboards and Scorecards for our customers to help them monitor and manage those critical business indicators which ultimately impact the health and performance of the organization. By doing so managers and executives can see how they are performing today, as well as yesterday, or last week, or last month, or last quarter. Plus, now we can give you the ability to see how projected performance will be based on predictive analytic modeling.

CCI will work with your business users to determine what are the key business measures which are directly related to company performance, as well as what specific individuals are responsible for them. These could include such disparate measures as on time delivery score for a specific route, assembly line down time for specific machines, on-line sales for a specific product line, or rejection rate for shipments received by a specific vendor.

By assembling these metrics in linked hierarchies, and allowing managers to explore the underlying elements which contribute to their performance it is possible to quickly determine what is causing unacceptable results and take the necessary action to correct it. The scorecard interface is an efficient vehicle to serve up this information with familiar green, yellow and red traffic light indicators to show excellent, acceptable, or unacceptable performance. Built in alerts can automatically notify the correct individual that an indicator has exceeded a desired range and action must be taken.

Using effective metrics management tools lets you keep a close eye of these measures which matter most to you and track down the source of inefficiencies before damage is done.


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