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Readiness Assessments

So how do we begin? This is a common question from our customers and prospects who recognize the value of Business Analytic technology from IBM, but are looking for guidance in how to get started. CCI offers a customizable Readiness Assessment which evaluates all the relevant aspects of your company’s current circumstances. It can be shaped to be as all inclusive or as specifically focused is your situation requires. It will include any or all of the following:

  • Business objectives and goals
  • Data environment
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Existing BI and Analytic technologies
  • Office of Finance Needs
  • Cultural environment


Once the assessment is complete, we will provide you specific recommendations about the following:

  • Identified cultural or process barriers to success
  • The applicability of your existing technologies
  • New technologies which would aid in achieving your goals and objectives
  • The suitability of your data environment to support this initiative
  • Technical architecture weakness or gaps
  • A Scope Document which outlines a recommended initial first step to move towards your goal

The assessment yields a management report and a C level presentation of findings and recommendations. This would include a Gap Analysis to help you see what it will take to move you from your current condition to the optimal one which we define together. The next steps are up to you.


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