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Data Mart Design & Development

Any well designed BI solution typically has a solid data mart/ data warehouse as its foundation. Here is where many projects fail before they even get started. Data bases whose sole purpose is to serve up data to business users for better decision making should reflect that purpose in their design.

CCI espouses a data base design philosophy developed by Ralph Kimball. This philosophy is based on a star/snowflake schema design. This elegant approach has many advantages. Among them are rapid response time for queries, simple navigation, and extensibility. CCI has used IBM/Cognos tools for many years as a means of automatically generating star schemas. By mapping to all relevant data sources, doing necessary data transformations, and loading the newly designed data mart, CCI gets its customers off on the right foot quickly using tools like Decision Stream/Data Manager, Data Stage, Quality Stage, SSIS, and more .

Over the years, CCI has helped implement this philosophy for firms like Fleet Bank, Gorton’s, Staples, Aspect Medical, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Welch’s, and many others. By setting up a centralized data store with common data definitions, measures, and naming conventions, a well designed data mart serves as the source of consistent data. Its availability means a report created by finance will have the same numbers and use the same formulas as a different report created by sales. No more arguing about whose figures are right. In addition, the marts can be set up to automatically update on a pre-determined schedule. Hence, all users are guaranteed that their figures are up to date and reliable.


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