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Private Training


Our greatest value in delivering instructor led training lies with our instructors as experienced consultants.  We can easily bridge questions between sample training data and real-world applications.  In this respect we are better prepared to engage students to ask the right questions that they would need in order to perform their everyday roles.  All of our trainers are familiar with course materials provided across multiple formats and venues and have extensive onsite experience.  This enables us to provide IBM certified course content as well as customized training sessions around client data if required.  Our training lead is willing to work with you to shape content and needs around each unique client situation as well as participate in a simple discovery call to gauge what types of training may be a fit.

Types of Instructor-Led Training

Private Customized Training can be delivered either on-site at your facility, at an off-site training facility, or virtual.

Custom Private On-site Training

Through private on-site training, LearnQuest and Creative Computing can tailor all aspects of the training to the goals and objectives of the client and the background of the participants.  Each course is built through modules, which can be rearranged and adapted to fit a variety of needs.

Given each organization’s unique industry affiliation, corporate culture, and employees’ skill base, we feel that the most effective method of training is to tailor the training using real world examples and your sample data.  They represent our own approach to hands on education.

Our classes are conducted on-site at your facility, and can be done using your data, and based on the types of reports your users will need to create every day. As an IBM Premier Business Partner, CCI is uniquely qualified to provide training on a broad spectrum of the Cognos platform. All of CCI’s trainers are also consultants. But not all our consultants are trainers. This is because we know that not everyone has the gift of being able to convey information clearly and effectively to large groups of people. Because our trainers are also consultants they can easily step outside the curriculum to address questions which are specific to your environment, your data, or your business.

CCI can customize our course materials to reflect your data and the types of reports you’ll need to create. We can customize the materials in a variety of ways. We can condense a 2 day class into a one day class, and focus just on key functionality which is important to you. We can combine two classes into one. Or we can create an entirely custom class suited to your need.We’ll send our Certified Cognos Specialist on site to help you install and configure your software, then mentor you on the ongoing care and feeding of the environment.

Given that no two environments are alike, this has proven to be a very effective means of teaching our clients about how to perform the tasks needed to keep the system performing well, as well as how to tackle unique challenges that may face you on a periodic basis.

Off-site Training Locations

Creative Computing has the capacity to deliver off-site training on request if a suitable training classroom is not available within the client.  These off-site locations can be provided by Creative Computing’s training partner, LearnQuest.  LearnQuest is an authorized IBM Global Training Provider, able to offer the entire breadth of IBM Certified Training Classes.  For more information on on-site or off-site training, please complete the form to the right.  A certified Cognos Representative will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

Virtual Instructor-Led (web-based) Classroom Training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training blends the qualities of instructor-led classroom training with the convenience of a virtual, online classroom.  Training is achieved via an easy-to-use web application.  Classes include lectures, demonstrations and hand-on labs taught by our highly-qualified and experienced instructors.


For more information on how Creative Computing can help you with private training, please complete the form to the right.  A Certified Representative would be happy to help you with any questions.